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Instructor: Rachel Platt, BCBA
BACB CEUs: 1.0  


Receiving clinical interventions and attempting to add them into your currently busy day can be overwhelming. Research has demonstrated that embedding generalization into an intervention can increase the likelihood that the skill will generalize to new people, environments, stimuli, etc. Although more clinicians are adding certain elements of generalization training in their interventions this presentation will demonstrate how the use of less popular generalization techniques can be used to expand the reach of their intervention. This approach will focus on how clinical interventions can use generalization techniques to aid in their implementation with parents, teachers, early childhood educators and other clinicians in a motivating way despite the barriers life presents.

Learning objectives:

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Describe generalization techniques.
  • Spot the barriers to generalization and tips to address them.
  • Use generalization techniques to expand the impact of interventions.

Price: $24.95 (+HST)

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Using Generalization Strategies to Generalize the Application of Your Interventions
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  • Rachel Platt
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