Course Description

This course provides managers with an integrated model for how to effectively support and manage employees in the workplace who may be impaired due to cannabis or other drugs.


The Manager’s Perspective has all the modules of the Employee’s Perspective plus one additional module (Module 6):

  • Module 1 - Cannabis: Mitigating Risk
    Anchoring the link between cannabis and safety.
  • Module 2 - Cannabis Overview
    Recreational and medical use, affects, methods of use, effects of cannabis on safety, and the law.
  • Module 3 - Medical Cannabis and Accommodation
    Things to consider when seeking medical accommodations for cannabis.
  • Module 4 - Fit for Duty
    What every employee must know with respect to impairment risk for both smoking and digesting cannabis, when it is safe to drive, when it is not and how to ensure employees stay in compliance with their organization’s policies.
  • Module 5 - Linking Stress, Mental Health and Cannabis
    Employees will benefit from knowing, the link between stress and mental health.
  • Module 6 - Managing impairment in the workplace
    • Managers receive tools for evaluating impairment risk in the workplace
    • The manager’s legal responsibility
    • Overview of testing
    • Introduction to human rights and testing
    • The importance for managers to focus on safety first over friendship
    • Manage the risk for impairment in the workplace
    • Managers will receive tools for facilitating fit for duty and duty to inquire
    • Overview of impairment

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Cannabis: A Manager's Perspective
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