Course Description

The Water Quality Assessment, Analysis and Interpretation online course is a signature course delivered by the Canadian Rivers Institute’s Training and Professional Development programme. This course advances participants’ abilities to design water quality research and monitoring programs and analyze water quality conditions and trends. 

Course Outline

This online course was developed to introduce tools for water quality data visualization and statistical analysis (using R), provide exercises to gain experience with real data to analyse for effects, trends, etc., introduce the use of Water Quality Indices (WQI) to consolidate water quality information, and covers the design of water quality monitoring programmes. 

Topics Covered Include:

  • Summary statistics and graphs

  • Data distributions and transformations

  • Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)

  • Regression analysis

  • Trend analysis and Analysis of Covariance (ANCOVA)

  • Principal Component Analysis (PCA)

Learner Outcomes

Course Objectives

  • Introduce tools for water quality data visualization and analysis (R and R Studio; open source statistical software)

  • Run through hands-on activities with real data to analyse for effects, trends, etc. This will largely be done with R

  • Introduce use of Water Quality Indices (WQI) to consolidate lots of data and information

Learning Outcomes

  • Formulate key questions and hypotheses

  • Determine the best analytical method for answering the question

  • Determine the best graphical method for presenting the data

  • Analyse and present the data through the use of R

  • Learn how to present figures and statistical results in reports


The Canadian Rivers Institute is using the services of the University of New Brunswick’s College of Extended Learning to increase the quality and efficiency of program registration and delivery of this CRI Training and Professional Development program's signature course. For enquiries, please email unbcricourses@unb.ca

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Water Quality Assessment & Interpretation
Online: Self-Paced
May 02, 2024 to Dec 31, 2024
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